First meeting of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network

QI Gaming 23 Byram St – Huddersfield – July 14th 7pm to 9pm

We will post a report on this meeting, and news about what will follow very soon. 

Welcome to the Yorkshire Sound Women Network. For information about the group and our aims see the tabs at the top. The group is for professionals and also women returning to and exploring interests in music and sound that utilise technology.

I anticipate meeting around 10 people at the first meeting, and quite a few more are thinking about it. Several are coming from Leeds also. If you want to come just click on the contact tab to be included on the mailing list for info.

I’m afraid that we don’t have refreshments yet but feel free to bring food/drink if you feel like something, there is space.

QI Gaming are donating the room for free this time. It is good large room with masses of potential for workshops, talks, events and jams! When we have secured funds we will obviously hold meetings in studios and at specialist facilities, so for now we have our HQ and a chance to make some noise.

Nina Richards and Zoë Blade have kindly agreed to bring Stepper Acid, a synth they have built and I can tell you that it is pretty fantastic. Please do bring any kit you’d like to share if you’re happy to for others to take a look at it. There will be time in the second half of the meeting. It’s probably worth bringing headphones at least. I don’t personally care what kind, this group is for people at all entry levels to network and learn as well as mentor and share knowledge. Remember the aims are to provide a comfortable, judgement free environment for learning, so if you’re just exploring music tech for the first time bring whatever you have.

We will start with introductions, then get to planning and informal networking. Have a think about the kinds of things you’d like to attend/know/offer and what you feel this kind of network can do. I have ideas to get the ball rolling.

A final but important note. This group is for all women including transwomen and people of all traditionally underrepresented genders.

Stepper Acid - Created by Nina Richards and Zoë Blade
Stepper Acid – Created by Nina Richards and Zoë Blade

Published by: Liz Dobson

Lecturer in Music Technology at The University of Huddersfield. Interested in fostering undergraduate multi-disciplinary collaboration, blurring community boundaries for the benefit of learning in informal settings.

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