Some thoughts from members

Liz N studies Contemporary Art and Illustration and she was kind enough to permit me to post her reflection following the first meeting. It wasn’t written specifically for a blog, it’s just a natural reflection exactly as it appeared on the social network website:

“…I had underestimated the potential for ways in which I personally could use music technology in my practice – and by a long way! I walked into the meeting with a few little thoughts on how I could incorporate a bit of sound into a sculpture – maybe make it interactive. By the time I walked out I was thinking of ideas that would fill entire rooms. But more importantly for me, knowing that those ideas weren’t necessarily out of my league any more because I have the back up of this amazing network which can provide the knowledge base and support I need to make things like that a reality.
Whilst university is good for me, I do often feel like the odd one out because of the age difference between myself and my fellow students! So on that front I felt a little more at home with the women at the meeting as I felt an instant connection with them.”

This gave me an idea that we can work as a team to focus on facilitating her concept. To help her build and develop it with support from other members in the group. It’s good to have a real project to focus on.

Workshops on specific technologies are being organised at the moment (July 17th), but we want to facilitate ‘making’ sessions, performance and feedback workshops, improvisations… whatever people are keen to do!

Thanks Liz!

Chrissie Caulfield “It was really nice to find out all the diverse things that other people are doing, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere – really nice just to be able to chat. Also I’m quite excited about the idea of an electric string quartet 🙂 “

Linda O’Keeffe “I enjoyed listening to a group of women talking about sound and music, their techniques, skill sets, interests and future participation in bigger projects, it makes a change…”

Jess Baker “I went to the meeting because I think Liz is kick-ass and what she does is important. Also, because I use tech on my own and have never used it to collaborate. I was surprised that live coding felt so exciting to me, its never felt like a possibility before… I am going to play with ixi lang and see what happens. I also want to discover more about algoraves! I quite quickly stopped thinking of the group as a room of women and quickly realised this was a room full of diverse and brilliant people who do cool things. Looking forward to what happens next and am up for some improv 🙂

“I really enjoyed the talks I had with Zoe talking about synths and the exclusion of women in this environment/industry. I talked about how it had previously made me uncomfortable to go and touch the synths when they were at an event earlier in the year because I didn’t fit the criteria of someone who knew what they were doing.”

“…as a model for the more informal/mentoring-based workshop it worked well and showed that sometimes just providing access to equipment, some basic instructions and helpful troubleshooting is all that’s needed for people to get going.”


“It was really nice to not feel pressured. We were left to just get on with things at our own pace. Nice sized group.”

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