Soldering with Nina Richards

Yorkshire Sound Women Network: 1st workshop

“Learn to solder and create a simple noise toy”
August 8th at 10am with Nina Richards

Learn to solder and create a noise toy using a specially designed printed circuit board: “if you’re into synthesisers… it’s an inexpensive way of getting into them, and you learn a bit as you go”.

The printed circuit board Nina has designed specifically for participants attending this session. You’ll solder components to build it (see prototype in the second image) and then use it to make noise…

Noise toy prototype render Noise toy prototype

Nina Richards has been soldering since she was 8 years old, which is probably why she now has such an intuitive feel for electronics. Though she spent time away from electronics while working in software Nina returned to it 5 years ago and now she builds synthesizers in her spare time. Designing, building and selling Stepper Acid. She has assembled over 100 Stepper Acids, and we don’t know how many joints that is… but it’s a lot! Almost 5,000 LEDs for a start!


Level: absolute beginner
Age: 16+ All women
Bing: Nothing needed. All equipment provided by Nina and the university
Cost: £2 to cover the cost of materials so that Nina isn’t out of pocket
Location: This 2 hour workshop is being hosted at The University of Huddersfield. The School of Computing and Engineering at The University of Huddersfield have kindly agreed to open one of the dedicated electronics labs and provide background support to facilitate this session. Information on the exact location will be provided to registered participants.

Eventbrite link to sign up:

The Stepper Acid (an example of Nina’s work)
Message from Liz about these workshops
Nina Richards is generously giving her own time to prepare a lot of materials for knowledge sharing. This includes instruction resources, and the design and provision of printed circuit boards! So we also ask you to embrace the workshop in that spirit of mutual support.

Workshops are intended to be for informal knowledge sharing within this community. They can also help build the presenter’s experience and portfolio before delivering paid workshops for young people around Yorkshire; ultimately inspiring more girls and women to get involved in music technology.

Personal ability needs: This is not a University validated course, it is a free workshop facilitated by YSWN and enabled by the university.  If you have particular needs (access, physical, learning) it is helpful to know but we cannot anticipate and prepare for all eventualities. We will do our respectful best but you need to help us with that by sending information well in advance. Remembering that we are all volunteers and welcome your initiative and proaction on this.

Your commitment: Please don’t sign up for this if you’re uncertain of your availability –  there are very few places. YSWN is a voluntary organisation, and this is our very first workshop so we don’t want to run it with any empty seats because of partial commitment. Considerable time has been spent preparing and arranging for this to take place so we want to make sure that the maximum number of people can participate, so if you do find that you need to cancel your place, you can do that via the Eventbrite link and e-mail so that we can advertise the place immediately.

I don’t want to run a session for 10 and find that only 5 people really prioritised this as much as we have. This is the risk with free workshops, but we prefer to make this open, despite that risk. Please please help us with this.

Photography: We will take photographs of the workshop for the website, to help show the supportive and hands-on environment for learning and skills sharing. We will just ask you to tell us if you prefer not to be photographed, and we completely respect that. This will be documented in writing when you arrive.

If you have questions please e-mail: 

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Best wishes
Liz Dobson
YSWN founder and manager.

Published by: Liz Dobson

Lecturer in Music Technology at The University of Huddersfield. Interested in fostering undergraduate multi-disciplinary collaboration, blurring community boundaries for the benefit of learning in informal settings.

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