Introduction to Live Coding Performance with Shelly Knotts and Joanne Armitage

Update [Jan 23rd 2017 following the publication of this article from MixMag]:

This live coding event was sponsored by the AHRC Live Coding Research Network and The University of Huddersfield. It was part of a series of Yorkshire Sound Women Network events following the launch of the network, which was initially founded by music technology Lecturer Liz Dobson in July 2015. Shelly Knotts and Joanne Armitage delivered the workshop for 20 women, and you can watch the workshop video here on our welcome page. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:


We are extremely proud to announce this special day of live coding with two prominent practitioners, in collaboration with the AHRC Live Coding Research Network, and facilitated by The University of Huddersfield.

Using IxI Lang and SuperCollider Shelly and Joanne with teach you how to code beats and edit sound synths. You’ll learn about ‘Mexicoding’ and ‘Mexican Roulette’ performances and develop an awareness of other languages such as Sonic Pi and Tidal. Participants do not need to have any prior knowledge in computer coding or even music composition! You will  develop new skills in live improvised composition and performance through computer coding languages, and learn about the live coding community, The AHRC Live Coding Research Network, the Female Laptop Orchestra and other linked communities.

When and where
University of Huddersfield
December 5th
10am to 4pm

ixi workshop leftjess singing

How to book
This event is absolutely free but there are just 20 places.
It is an all women event. Girls aged 10 and above are welcome, though anyone below the age of 16 needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
You don’t need to bring anything, but you’re welcome to bring your own laptop if you have one. If you do that we encourage you to download and install SuperCollider and IxILang before the workshop. Help is on hand if you have any questions or problems.

Please book your place on this Eventbrite link.
Download IxILang here
Download SuperCollider here

Read about Shelly Knotts – Listen


Shelly works with data and code to produce performances of live electronic, live-coded and network music. She performs internationally, collaborating with other humans and computers. Her output has included diverse musical practices and styles ranging from electroacoustic tape music to live-coded dance music. She is currently studying for a PhD in Live Computer Music at Durham University with Nick Collins and Peter Manning, with a focus on improvisation practices in computer music and network-technology facilitated collaboration.

She completed a masters degree in live electronic music at the University of Birmingham in 2012, where she studied with Scott Wilson and Vic Hoyland. As well as performing at numerous Algoraves and other Live Coding events, current collaborative projects include network laptop bands BiLE (Birmingham Laptop Ensemble) and FLO (Female Laptop Orchestra), and live coding performances with Alo Allik and Holger Ballweg.

You can follow Joanne Armitage’s Facebook page here-also Listen here


Joanne Armitage is a researcher in computer music and physical computing, and a composer and performer of algorithmically influenced music. She practices live coding in SuperCollider to control an array of hardware synthesisers, and can often be found performing in and around the North. Her noise making has been described as “[varying] from the abstract and experimental to more harmonic and 707 jacking material, with a rare but seemingly effortless ability to humanise her machines.”

She is a current PhD candidate at the University of Leeds working within the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM) and is supervised by Kia Ng and Mic Spencer. This work focusses on the development of bespoke vibrating interfaces for ‘feeling’ sound to explore the audio-tactile relationship. She also teaches music technology as part of the Music, Multimedia and Electronic (BSc) programme at the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds.

Published by: Liz Dobson

Lecturer in Music Technology at The University of Huddersfield. Interested in fostering undergraduate multi-disciplinary collaboration, blurring community boundaries for the benefit of learning in informal settings.


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