YSWN Working Group

Meet the Team that brought you YSWN!


Liz Dobson

I’ve been involved in music and music technology since the age of 8 (possibly earlier). Following my classical music training I began recording concerts and composing for media, which led to various community and academic roles. I now get to enjoy working as music and sound technology lecturer at Huddersfield University. Passionate about education, and creating inclusive spaces for women and girls to explore music and sound technology, I set up The Yorkshire Sound Women Network in July 2015.

Contact: e.d.dobson@hud.ac.uk

Supriya Nagarajan

Supriya Nagarajan

I am a singer/composer who has trained in Carnatic (classical South Indian) music. I lead Manasamitra as Artistic Director often creating music in response to different art forms. I often focus on unusual spaces and have received commissions to create music responses to sculptors exhibiting at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, such as Andy Goldsworthy and David Nash. I am currently working with a number of partners in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. I  was a finalist in the Microsoft sponsored Diversity Awards 2013 as I am a strong advocate of diversity.


Katherine Axel

Katherine Axel

I co-manage a boutique recording studio in Leeds that specialises in acoustic music and the delivery of workshops to both independent learners and those on University courses.

In my work as a musician and singer/songwriter I have a particular interest in live online performances and the use of technology to interact with audiences. I also work freelance as a project coordinator within the Education sector and I’ve worked as a trainer with a range of public sector organisations as well.

I love what YSWN represents and feel really lucky to have met so many great people here!

Contact: katherine@valleywoodstudio.com

Amy Beeston

Amy Beeston

I have a background in music, auditory and computer sciences and am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in music psychology at the University of Leeds.

My work spans both human and machine listening, allowing me to combine my interests in music, acoustics and psychophysics, in interdisciplinary collaborations that all involve sound in one way or another…

Contact: avbees@gmail.com

Abi Bliss

Abi Bliss

One of my many day jobs is as a music writer, generally at the experimental end of things. My interest in music technology started when, having picked up my violin after a 10-year gap and joined a local amateur orchestra, I found myself wanting to make sounds more like the ones I listen to.

A lucky meeting online led to the formation of the duo Love Without Sound, through which I’ve gradually been learning more about everything from analogue synths to Max/MSP as we create audiovisual work and occasionally perform live.

I also organise Sound Events, an ‘all welcome’ free improvisation session, which takes place regularly in Huddersfield.

Contact: abibliss@gmail.com

Aiwan Obinyan

Aiwan Obinyan

For over 10 years, I’ve worked in the film and music industries, as a musician, studio engineer, composer and filmmaker. My work has appeared on national and international TV with clients including ITV, University of Leeds, Majek Fashek and Channel 4. In 2013 I founded AiAi productions an Audio Post-Production company specialising in music for Film & TV, sound design, editing and dubbing.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aiwan-obinyan-a23b8044/
AiAi Productions: www.aiaisound.com
Composer: www.aiwanobinyan.com
Contact: hello@aiaisound.com