YSWN aims focus on strategic priorities around education and industry:

To improve education opportunity for girls and women

  • To further sensitise education providers to come up with solutions to decades of poor engagement of women and girls in digital technology industries.
  • To influence the perception that music and sound digital technology education is for ‘geeks’ and males.
  • To increase and retain the number of women and girls entering sound and music digital technology fields at school level, through further and higher education.
  • To increase the number of BAME students entering sound and music digital technology education.
  • To enhance creativity with the sound and music digital technology curriculum in ways which attract more women and girls.

To engage relevant industries in changing practices

  • To further sensitise industry to address its recruitment and retention strategies for attracting and valuing women and girls and BAME candidates in their workforce.
  • To provide better opportunities specifically for women within the sound and music industries.
  • To educate music and sound industry employers and challenge the decades old gender gap which has not been closing since 2002.
  • To provide alternative education/work place development routes into these industries, as well as into formal education.