Aug 25th ixi lang for beginners Liz Dobson (informal workshop)

The letters of the keyboard trigger sounds, then you can arrange rhythms and start to build music in a completely different way. Probably the most accessible introduction to live computer coding and the algorave – see Thor’s video to get an idea of this curious, and slightly addictive form of computer music composition:

My colleague Julio d’Escrivan introduced me to Thor Magnusson’s langauge for live coding. So in the spirit of knowledge sharing I’m offering an informal session to share what I’ve managed so far. I will share how to get set up, to allocate sounds to computer keys and create basic coding instructions for the basis of a mini algorave!

I plan to cover basic patterns and instructions, timed event cycles, how to group code lines and modify, morph and process sounds using the preset commands. My session will be a really informal chance to explore live coding, share ideas and get used to the idea of live improvised music composition using a coding language.  Here is an example of a live improvisation performance from the developer of the code.


Here is the Eventbrite Link

2015-02-20 22.01.20When you’ve mastered ixilang – you might get into algoraving!

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