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A workshop can cost up to £400 depending on equipment requirements and transport. While some are kindly engaged in informal skills sharing, others are paid. We have facilitated and mentored events led by women delivering training for the first time, and several have since been employed deliver the same workshop for us and other organisations. We have a careful and ethical stance on supporting women at all levels, including burgeoning professionals.

Administration is currently donated by working group members, however, due to the success of our organisation (and an ethical concern with women donating their time), we are looking at more sustainable models. Funding will help us to do considerably more.

We are investigating room hire and longer term residency options as this will help establish our knowledge sharing community.

Sound equipment is expensive, and one of the many reasons that we advocate a community and networking approach. With dedicated equipment we are poised to make a profound change due to easy access and support for girls and women.

If you would like to support our mission we would welcome a donation. You can request an update on how we spend our funding at the AGM in March, or receive a copy of this on request. We thank you very sincerely for your support.