As a group of volunteers we willingly give our time because we know it is making a difference, however, in order to offer more events and workshops we are now fundraising. This is happening in various ways to pay for administration and workshop leaders, but we would like to raise something quickly to help cover immediate expenses such as venue hire, travel and equipment. Ultimately we would like to rent a permanent space for making, knowledge sharing and events.
If you would like to support our mission we would welcome a donation. You can request an update on how we spend our funding at the AGM in March, or receive a copy of this on request.

Location sound recordist Laura Clough donates her time, equipment and knowledge to share skills with support from Huddersfield University. With access to people and equipment knowledge opens doors and inspires new possibilities, and new careers and networks.  It would be wonderful if you could help us facilitate this further by paying people like Laura rather than relying their kindness and support.

We thank you very sincerely for your support