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LNA Levels Up! in music production

by Liina Turtonen

On the 23rd of March, I took a train from York to Huddersfield, where I found my way to the University. This morning was special as I was attending to Yorkshire Sound Women event called Level Up!. This day was all about music technology and production, aimed to encourage diversity in the audio industry. Therefore, I did know what to expect, but I was really excited and a little bit nervous.

The day started with an inspiring speech from Liz Dobson (co-founder of Yorkshire Sound Women Network) that explained the motivation that drew YSWN to arrange this event. The motivation lies in the need for guide and support music makers that might not find it otherwise. People attending the event had access to several different workshops in DJing, production and the music business. During the day, the buzz around the workshops was amazing, as people from different backgrounds shared information and things they had just learned.

Photo: Laura Mateescu

Personally, for myself, one of the greatest things about this day was the skill sharing and conversation with people from different knowledge levels and backgrounds. It is refreshing to be part of a conversation about tech, where you did not feel less valued nor that you would need to constantly prove yourself to others. The conversation was effortless, fascinating and from all areas of audio. It was inspiring to meet like-minded producers, musicians, and technicians, whom all work in audio and are dedicated to making it a more diverse community for us all.

The exhibition was full of amazing tables from analog synths to pedals and modular synthesizers. Liz Dobson and Jess Rymer (co-founder of Malta Sound Women Network) gave us amazing demonstrations of their equipment and live music/production techniques. Alongside these amazing performers, I too was showcasing electronic music performance techniques by using Ableton Push 2 and Arturia synthesizers. It was great to see people trying out techniques with Push 2 that they had never been able to try before; even a couple of children got inspired to make music with this type of equipment. I also to wanted to vlog this experience for my YouTube channel LNA Does Audio Stuff and see if I could portrait some of these amazing music makers by interviewing them.

Why Women Work in Audio

The YouTube vlog ended up being in two different episodes and this first episode features interviews and overall impressions from the event. Please subscribe and hit the bell icon, so you will be notified when the next episode comes out with performances and more interviews from the day!  LNA Does Audio Stuff vlog

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