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Free Ableton courses in Leeds & Sheffield from YSWN members Emily J Electric and LNA

by Emily Johnson

Guest blog: Emily Johnson explains why she and fellow YSWN member Liina Turtonen are launching two free courses bridging the Ableton user gender gap.

I’m Emily J Electric and I’m in love with all things Ableton! I perform with Ableton Live at the centre of my setup, using it to control my DJ tracks, FX, loops, LED lights and wind instruments. I play the flute and Electric Wind Instrument, which is a MIDI wind synthesiser.

Emily J Electric

I revived the Sheffield Ableton User Group to connect with the Ableton community in Sheffield and it’s going great. My personal highlight was hosting Rachel K Collier; she is an inspiration to music-makers of any gender.

Women are definitely in the minority when you look at User Group organisers and members, producers, and the wider music industry, but I can see the tide turning. There has been a recent boost of awareness about gender inequality with panel discussions at industry conferences, pressure on gatekeepers to take action and support from music companies. Let’s keep up the pressure!

Liina Turtonen

I met Liina ‘LNA’ Turtonen at a YSWN event we both worked at, and we instantly clicked. It’s so great to meet a peer who is just as motivated and crazy about Ableton as me. We’ve noticed that female-only events attract more women than mixed ones, so we launched Equalize to break down barriers faced by women in music.

First up is an eight-week Introduction to Ableton Live course in June/July in both Sheffield and Leeds. The course will provide everything necessary to get started with Ableton Live: a version of the software, step-by-step learning, and mentorship. It’s free and no prior experience is necessary, just enthusiasm 🙂

We’ll provide a safe space, confidence-boosting strategies and post-course mentorship to keep participants on the right track. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part; I remember feeling overwhelmed by all the features of Ableton Live and struggling to get going with it on my own. Learning together and having the chance to ask questions will surely make the journey more fun for everyone on this course!

More info:

Leeds course: Tuesday evenings 4 June-23 July (participants must be 15+)
Apply here

Sheffield course: Wednesday evenings 5 June-24 July (participants must be 18+)
Apply here