International Women’s Day 2017

Yorkshire Sound Women Network in partnership with Heritage Quay is hosting a special International Women’s Day event on Saturday 4 March. The event celebrates the women who have worked with us over the first 18 months, providing an opportunity for everyone to meet our Yorkshire Sound Women Network community, learn more about sound and music technology and enjoy some of the fantastic music being created by female artists today.

6-7.30pm gig with our host DJ Jaguar Bingham click here to book free tickets. Space in the venue is limited so make sure you reserve your place to avoid dissapointment.

Music from Sara Brannan, Vicky Clarke, Magpahi, Lynette Quek & Gaia Blandina, Nina Richards & Zoë Blade and Kristina Warren

3-5pm 12 workstations and 2 sound installations – free drop-in session

Meet sound artists as they demonstrate their practice. Bring headphones if you have them (it’s going to be noisy)!

Come and find out about:

  • Live coding
  • Sound synthesis
  • Generating your own sounds
  • Sound recording techniques
  • Sampling and processing in Logic
  • Vintage synths
  • Textiles inspired by sound
  • Visualising frequency patterns

Plus The Sound House, a real-life and virtual space for you to meet other female artists, chat about ideas and share your music. If you’d like to participate in this informal share/meet just email so that we know you’re coming.
We will also launch an online playlist on this day, so let us know if you’d like your Soundcloud/website added to that page.

1pm Annual General Meeting
Our story so far, reports and a chance to meet the core committee and working group. All welcome.

 All taking place in Heritage Quay at The University of Huddersfield. Free entry.

If you’re interested to learn more, please join our mailing list.


Our host: Jaguar Bingham is a DJ and radio presenter based in London currently working for BBC Introducing and Mixmag. Having started DJing while at university in Leeds, her show on Leeds Student Radio led to an internship with BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, where she was inspired by working with Annie Mac and B.Traits.

Jaguar Bingham

The winner of a Student Radio Award for the Best Specialist Music Show 2016, she plays a mix of house, techno and disco, with added heavy basslines and wobbles.

She has played alongside Madam X, Toddla T and Eli + Fur, and at Ibiza Rocks, and runs Dutty Bass, a Sheffield night that hosts an all-female line-up.

kristinaKristina Warren is a composer, vocalist, and technologist who designed the Abacus, a novel, mic-mounted, Arduino-based interface for live vocal processing (MaxMSP).

In live performance, Warren uses the Abacus to bring digital and vocal improvisation into dialogue, and to explore novel vocal-electronic timbres and temporalities.

Alison Cooper is the otherworldly voice and vision behind the fairytale folk of Magpahi.

The Lancashire native’s whimsical acoustics and sepia stories have been quietly ebbing and flowing on the fringes of folk for a decade, gently influencing our perceptions of the here and now.

From arcane sorcery and antiquated poems to the magic of nature, Alison researches and records Britain’s hidden histories, bringing new legitimacy to our old ways.

Magpahi - Alison CooperHer gossamer recordings and falsetto harmonies have graced labels including Jane Weaver’s Bird imprint, Finders Keepers and more recently Folklore Tapes, where she engrossed herself in the witchcraft of old Devon.

Over the last couple of years she’s also created a score to archive footage from the Yorkshire Film Archive for Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and played a live score on piano/synth at Bradford Threadfest’s Movement in the Mills event.

noise machine
Vicky Clarke’s Noise Machine

Vicky Clarke works with handmade electronic instruments, a range of audio formats and sound objects and archive material to create audio collages that explore noise, space, industrial textures and human-machine interaction. She is co-founder of Noise Orchestra, a project developing electronic Noise Machines that translate light into sound.

Recent performances include #EmotionalInvention for CTM Festival musicmakers hacklab in Berlin, National Media Museum, Manchester Central Library and HOME for CFCCA’s Call & Response series.

Lynette Quek at a laptop

Lynette Quek 

Lynette Quek has a background in music and audio engineering within studio, live, and broadcast environments.

She is a music technologist that works across various software and hardware equipment, utilising the laptop as her main instrument. She also performs with her laptop in improvisatory settings.

Originally from Singapore, she has recently completed a MA in Music Production, before continuing with her PhD in Audiovisual Composition at the University of York.

With a diverse music technology background, she is currently interested in exploring the integration of technology and musicians through the creation of audiovisual compositions – examining the relationships between digital and physical elements, as well as the visual and auditory. These collaborative explorations are also examined through the creation of a diverse range and formats of works.

image-1Gaia Blandina (Messina, 1991) is a cellist and sound artist. She is currently doing an MA in Contemporary Music Studies at the University of York. Her practice is concerned with translating patterns into different systems, often combining various sources; from words and poetry, to codes and sounds. As a cellist, she performs with a variety of ensembles which focuses on contemporary practice, devising music collaboratively and through improvisation. She is also the founder and curator of an annual artist residency which takes place in Sicily, part of a bigger project called In Can Obert. InCanObert.

synthNina Richards has been soldering since she was eight years old, and though she spent time away from electronics to work in software Nina now builds synthesizers in her spare time, i.e. designing, building and selling Stepper Acid.

She has assembled over 100 Stepper Acids, and we don’t know how many joints that is… but it’s a lot… almost 5,000 LEDs for a start!


Zoë Blade loves using things in ways they are not intended to be used, working with modular synths, DAWs, trackers and various homebuilt hardware and software.

Despite this experimental element to her work she prefers to create music that has an emotional resonance with the listener.

She has had work played on MTV, scored several documentaries and her music is featured in various soundtracks. In addition, she composed the 8-Bit Generation soundtrack with PIG!

Jo Kennedy's sound equipment

Jo Kennedy is a music student at Huddersfield University who works with found sounds and a digital audio workstation.

She will be collaborating with Magpahi (Alison Cooper) to create… who knows what?

Amy Beeston

Using sound as a controller

Ever dreamed about the possibilities of controlling your live audio setup using sound itself as a controller? A better understanding of sound analysis is your gateway to the future!

Amy BeestonAmy will show some easy sound analysis techniques, and help you understand the possibilities of sound-based control.

What’s going on as sound passes through the microphone to the computer? How does this compare this with sound passing through the ear and into our brains? Why should you even care? Come and chat to find out more…


Ingrid Plum

‘Gorgeously atmospheric vocal techniques woven around field recordings & electronics’ – The Guardian

Ingrid Plum uses her voice with extended technique, improvisation, field recordings and electronics, to create layered soundscapes, spoken word and songs. Having performed and exhibited installation sound art and visual art since 2002, she creates work that sits between sound art, improvisation, multi-media installation, neo-classical and contemporary Nordic folk music.

The intimacy Plum creates in her recordings and live performance has the honesty of a confessional with the sonic scope of the forests and open coastlines of her native Denmark, that inspire much of her music. With installations that create meditative, sensory stimulative environments and performing stripped back, minimal gigs, she entices you into her hushed world.

Susie Luna Green and sound movement

Susie Luna Green

The Sound of Movement.

Experiment and play with sound as you move.


Sara Brannan is an artist and musician based in Sheffield and would describe her working methods as: playful, intuitive, eclectic and inconsistent. The afternoon features her sound installation followed by a live performance in the evening.