Next meeting: July 28th Huddersfield

Member showcase meeting next Tuesday:
– July 28th
– Time: 7 – 9.30
– Venue: University of Huddersfield, Creative Arts Building, room CAMG/03

(building 31 on this map, the entrance is on the side that you can’t see on the 3D map, in the middle of the building:

Come and share something about your practice. This is a flexible and informal session for listening, talking about your work and ideas, looking at work – anything that you want to use your time for.

Some people are PhD students, professionals, experts while others are exploring or revisiting interests. So if you don’t already work with music/sound in a technology domain (whatever that means), you may talk about a key area of your own practice. For example, this could be visuals, textiles… This offers the first possibility for collaborative venture.

Alternatively you might have an idea for a project, but need to find a team with the right kinds of skills and knowledge to work on it with you. There has been some discussion about textiles, installation, and also colour on the Facebook group.

Remember, this is only the second meeting so we are just starting to get to know each other. If the network interests you please come. You don’t need to have attended any previous meetings, just contact me via the contacts tab to make sure that you receive news updates.

prep featuring the pot

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