Finding other groups/networks/blogs

So many groups now exist with various goals, and a collective motivation to support women, girls and all genders who do not identify as cis men. This map has been created by the Yorkshire Sound Women Network to help you find them.

House = Location for meetings (not exactly address)
Gold star = global organisation/twitter group (no location)
Green star = blog (rough location)
Red house = production company (all women)

Please contact me with the following details for your tag:

– Type [blog//network//informal gatherings//formal workshops//training]
– Mission statement [Please copy and paste your mission statement here]
– About [feel free to add text]
– Members are [girls//professionals//mix of abilities//adults (16+)]
– Weblinks [www.//Facebook Page//]
– Social Media [Inst//SC//Twitter/Facebook group]
– Contact details (obvs optional)
– How to get involved

Editing tip
Press Alt and return for new line
Or copy this text in

If you would like to suggest a link email


Mint Berlin

EQ Network Berlin

Paula temple’s Decon Recon and Noise Manifesto

I will add texts and literature, some of which will be on the topic of women in music and some will just be a collection of useful resources. 

Books (more to follow)
Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound

Facebook groups
Pink Noises

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