Malta Sound Women Network

The Malta Sound Women Network is a new organisation, affiliated with the Yorkshire Sound Women Network (UK) and supported by the Malta School of Music. We aim to bring like-minded women together; to share knowledge and skills in music and sound technology, sonic arts, production, audio-electronics, and anything to do with using kit to create sound! In addition to professional networking the MSWN will provide free education and mentoring to women and girls in fields relating to music technology. We also aim to organise soundwalks and events featuring/promoting women’s music throughout the year; we are open to collaborations with other organisations/events with similar goals. Events, shows, installations, concerts and soundwalks hosted by the organisation are inclusive of everyone, however the monthly network meetings are a space exclusively for women.

Launched on October 23rd 2017 – more information to follow

See the Facebook page for latest info

A message from Jess Rymer:

Yasmin and I are both qualified and experienced in sound work both in Malta and overseas, but neither of us have worked in a space where we are not the minority. Statistics show particular imbalance of gender diversity in many music industries. 90% of music technology students have been male since these undergraduate courses began flourishing in the late 1990s (Borne and Devine’s paper presents details from analysis of UCAS data, published 2015). This lack of gender diversity is amplified even further in Malta, with little encouragement, opportunity or role models for women in sound. We aim to promote and encourage women in sound in Malta, to enhance our personal careers and opportunities, bring awareness to the current discrimination we face, and build a network of women who will continue to work together to promote sound work on the island.