Open door at Global Diversity PA

We’re really excited to be meeting at Global Diversity Positive Action on March 13th from 6.30pm until 9pm. GDPA are kindly opening their doors for YSWN, and we’re opening our door to you. Come say hello to find out more.


Who should come?

You don’t need to already have a background in music or music technology to come, but if you’re interested in learning music production/tech skills, come and say hi! If you already make music come and share that knowledge – we’re all about sharing skills and you can find out about that on this website. We welcome all women ages 16 and above, and if you’re younger we just ask that you come with a guardian.

What happens?

Meetings are really relaxed. We do some basic introductions, and usually we have a plan for the session. Tonight we will do some improvisation and kit demonstrations. So if you have an instrument/laptop/guitar and pedals/whatever do bring it along!

So far we have covered the following in Huddersfield:

  • how to set up a basic live sound system and work a mixing desk
  • filed recording
  • soldering contact microphones
  • coding beats
  • Ableton Live based music production
  • soldering electronic components to make a basic synth
  • understanding audio synthesis

If you want to come please just let us know by emailing this way we know to expect you.

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