Production sound recording with Laura Clough

A practical introduction to production sound recording for TV and film.

Number of participants: 10
Age: 11+
Level: Beginner
Date/time: 12 noon, 16 September 2016
Venue: University of Huddersfield
Registration: click here

Workshop details

This session will explain how production sound recordists capture audio – mostly dialogue – on set.

Laura will begin with a talk which explains the different roles in a sound team (production sound mixer, boom op, 1st AS, sound trainee, …), and will introduce the types of microphones and recorders that are typically used on set.

The second part of the workshop will be more hands on:

  • wearing the sound bag and using the recorders,
  • using the boom pole and trying out different microphones,
  • fitting lav mics to people and listening to how they sound,
  • experimenting with how to get rid of a rustly sound.

By the end of the session you’ll have a great understanding of this profession, different roles and equipment from a theoretical and practical point of view.

// Laura works on many levels in the sound department on shoots for tv and film, ranging from sound recordist for low budget shorts to sound trainee on BBC productions. Her passion for sound for tv and film grew from her music degree that she successfully completed at Goldsmiths in 2012. She is now also studying for an MA in Sonic Arts at Uni of Sheffield.