Science Fiction sound night with VCS3 synths!

Inspired by a recent event available to everyone that was delivered with Caro C and Liz Dobson for Heritage Quay, Liz is offering copycat event on the sound of science fiction for YSWN. The evening will include:

  • Brief introduction to radiophonic workshop and some science fiction sound creation techniques.
  • A moment on listening and hearing in preparation for composition.
  • Introduction to to VCS3 vintage EMS synths.
  • Plenty of time for recording sound objects using H4n Zoom handheld microphones and audio out from the synths, before and composing a soundscape/radio broadcast/sonic art work on a digital audio workstation (using Logic Pro X).
  • Final sharing of works.

The event is completely free

  • Age: 11+ (usually we attract women but we also really really want to encourage girls and teenagers to come and get some hands on experience as part of our community).
  • Level: Beginner but you’re also welcome if your have any prior experience. More advanced practitioners are encouraged to mentor and facilitate new learning experiences.
  • Time/Date: Tuesday December 13th 2016, 18:00 to 21:00 (or as long as you can stay)
  • Venue: University of Huddersfield
  • Cost: Free, but registration is required. Sometimes places come available at the last minute so if the event is full please add your name to the wait list.
  • Registration: Please register here