Do you have skills to share? You don’t have to be an expert studio engineer or a champion cable-coiler to help YSWN in our mission (although if you are, please get in touch!).

Below are a few suggestions for ways you can assist us, either at our events, online or behind the scenes – whether small or large, we’d be grateful for your contribution.

Be part of YSWN events

  • Sound engineering
  • Helping to move and set up equipment
  • Sharing transport to or from events
  • Childcare
  • First aid
  • Helping us plan and manage events
  • If you have a suggestion for a workshop that could be delivered through YSWN, click here.

Spread the word about YSWN

  • Sharing our news on social media
  • Help maintaining and improving our website
  • Marketing and publicity

    Help YSWN reach more people in the future

  • Administration to keep YSWN running smoothly, from databases to book-keeping
  • Development and fundraising to grow and sustain our network
  • Legal and organisational expertise
  • Contacts and bright ideas for people we could work with
  • Would you like to start a YSWN-affiliated group in your area? Get in touch with us here.


If this sounds like you or if you have any other ideas to help YSWN reach more women and girls, we’d love to hear from you.