Texture // textiles // tactiles: a sounding experiment

A hands on afternoon. A sounding experiment.

We are beyond delighted to be hosting this very special event with sound artist Flora Könemann.

Bring textiles inspired objects (i.e. knitting needles, fabrics, scissors or different threads). Anything that you don’t mind giving up to use as a sound generating textiles object. You will learn how to solder objects with piezo speakers, to generate sound, and explore the sound of textiles. Your objects may become embedded into the installation featured within Electric Spring.

Encouraging the girls…In addition to working with sound in her own practice Flora works with girls to solder solar powered noise objects, encouraging engagement with electronics in a creative context. She is an experienced mentor and we are keen to support our mutual interest in creating spaces for girls to explore electronics and sound!

When: Thursday February 18th from 3pm – 5pm
Where: At The University of Huddersfield
Number of participants: up to 20
Age: 11+ (if you are younger than 16 you must be with a guardian)
Level: Beginner 
(This early time enables visitors to attend the 5.30 pre-concert Electric Spring talk)

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/texture-textiles-tactiles-a-sounding-experiment-tickets-21236731636

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Flora Könemann is a sound artist that works with physical objects and touch contact microphones in her craft and performance. As part of the Electric Spring five days of sonic exploration this year, Flora is visiting from Berlin to build a sound installation at The University of Huddersfield, and while she is here she has kindly offered a workshop for our network:

We would like to emphasise that you may be interested in the full Electric Spring festival. Some highlights might be:
– February 17th concert: Marcelle Deschênes
– February 18th concert: Opening act, postgraduate Jung In Jung
– February 21st concert: Concert featuring Terri Hron
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