Upcoming events

Events include informal social meetings where our regional groups share information and skills. Backgrounds and skill sets are incredibly diverse and all of the groups are as unique as the people who make them happen. What happens there is decided by those who attend and organise the socials, but examples include: location and field recording, studio recording, live coding/algoraving, noise making, piezo soldering – pretty much whatever is based on the local skills. Sometimes these socials include slightly more formal presentations when a group member is interested in leading a session.

Next events

  • YSWN Huddersfield Makers Social: Huddersfield Soundwalk
    Tuesday 9 October, Richard Steinitz (previously known as CAB) Atrium, University of Huddersfield
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  • Working Group
    First Tuesday of the Month
    YSWN working group/committee meeting


Future events: Sometimes regional groups or the central YSWN working group are able to organise workshops/events that may be of interest to everyone. Keep an eye on local groups, our Facebook Page and Twitter for the latest information.

Archive: Past events and blogs are posted on this website for you to take a look at and get a sense of what has been happening so far.