Yorkshire Sound Women Network Arts Council England Success!

We are proud to announce that due to the hard work of key Yorkshire Sound Women, members led by Katherine Axel and Amy Mather, we have successfully secured a £15,000 grant from Arts Council England.

Our story so far

We have been meeting for two years, and we still have much to learn; however, the grant writing process has helped to take stock of our network and the natural intergenerational power sharing that is happening amongst women in Yorkshire and also beyond. As well as hosting Huddersfield and Sheffield communities as a kind of collective, we now support affiliated groups in Hebden Bridge, Oxford and York.

Thousands of woman hours are behind YSWN so far, so this grant is now a chance to explore strategic options for structural development, and find a path to becoming a sustainable network, which centres girls and all women. It is important to us to maintain our grass roots local activities, while also finding our way to a sustainable operational model. So we can now employ a project manager, revamp our website to better facilitate networking and support amongst women in a digital safer space, and employ artists to deliver more events for girls specifically through match funding from The University of Huddersfield.

Reaching out to connect people and space

DINA have generously supported and worked with YSWN Sheffield

We have been able to develop key local relationships with artists and venues such as DINA in Sheffield. We are now seeking to connect with groups and individuals sympathetic to our mission, and with women interested in hosting and leading events/gigs/workshops/skills sharing/socials where you are. If you have an open space/studio/co-operative facility we would really love to hear from you.

When we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem

YSWN was created two years ago by a group of women that was largely white and the women accessing our activities since then have been mostly white women. We are aware that white feminism can often be part of the problem, aligning itself with existing power structures where it benefits white women to do so. At YSWN we seek to reject this practice and aim to expand our knowledge, understanding and awareness so that we may stand in solidarity with all our sisters, using what resources we have to amplify the voices of those who are too often silenced. We are looking to centre the values and interests of women from marginalised groups through collective knowledge sharing and collaborative project development. If your community would like to work with us we can offer our network, access to technology spaces, learning resources and our ears.



Anyone can volunteer support for us or other similar groups. This may look like any of the following (or something else):

– supporting social media
– contributing to the advisory working group
– providing accommodation for a touring artist/workshop leader
– arts fundraising
– helping others with transport in your area
– starting something in your area or supporting a local group
– supporting the Zine
– artwork for local events
– finding organisations, industries and venues that truly align with our mission

If you would like to volunteer for, or offer support to the Yorkshire Sound Women Network please email: info@yorkshiresoundwomen.com

To find out more about YSWN’s work to date, visit our website: https://yorkshiresoundwomen.com/