Welcome to this sound network for women in Yorkshire and beyond!

This is a brand new, Yorkshire based network set up to bring like-minded women together; to share knowledge and skills in music and sound technology, sonic arts, production, audio electronics and, well, basically anything to do with using kit to make sound! If you want to be involved click on the contact tab above.

You can also follow the latest news and links on our Facebook page.

Nina Richards and Zöe Blade demonstrating a synth they have built called Stepper Acid. Composers Elena Hildago and Jung In Jung wait while one of our undergraduate students enjoys some sounds! (Stepper Acid is demonstrated by Nina in this video)

We began in Huddersfield on July 14th 2015, and you can find information about the events that we have already hosted, and ever a few blog posts, on this website.

Contact us if you are:

a) interested in music technologies, learning new skills, or you DJ, produce, make noise, perform, compose soundtracks, do physical computing and circuit bending, algoraves or anything that you consider to be connected with sound at any level;

b) interested in finding and working with other women, mentoring, studying, sharing knowledge and exploring other skills and technologies;


c) interested in this kind of community, perhaps even in helping to develop it

Please add your details to our mailing list.

This is a community that warmly welcomes and includes all women; including transgender and transexual women. If you are uncertain please don’t hesitate to write.

group with finished instruments

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