Being Creative with Sound and Music Technology: Arts Award Bronze log book

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YSWN’s new Arts Award log book helps young people explore music technology

by Heidi Johnson

We’re pleased to announce the publication of Being Creative with Sound and Music Technology, a new log book which young people can use to take them step by step through their Bronze Arts Award.

Arts Award is a range of qualifications awarded by Trinity College London and managed in association with Arts Council England. The awards support young people to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and participate in the wider arts world through taking on challenges in an art form.

Arts Award can be delivered in different ways, in different settings, including through schools, youth centres or arts organisations. Bronze Arts Award is a Level 1 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) (equivalent to GCSE grades D-G / 3 – 1 or Music Grades 1-3) and is open to young people aged 11 to 25.

The Being Creative with Sound and Music Technology log book can be downloaded for free below (or from the Resources section) and used by young people and their Arts Award advisers to collect evidence towards their award.

With a specific focus on music technology that echoes YSWN’s mission, it’s split into four sections, encouraging participants to get creative by joining in an arts activity, attending an arts event (this can be online) as an audience member, researching their favourite artists, and sharing their new art skills with others.

To help users organise their work, the log book contains a framework to write down observations, and also suggests gathering a variety of evidence, including sound recordings, photos, video, drawings, tickets and flyers.

Young people are encouraged to explore making tracks and beats using music apps, record instruments and found sounds, discover the basics of a mixing desk or recording studio and reflect on what they have learnt. The log book also highlights a broad range of careers in music technology and offers examples of women working in the music industry as engineers, producers, DJs and composers (including YSWN Associates and Guest Artists), to help young people research an artist they admire.

Anyone aged 11-25 who is interested in taking the Bronze Arts award should find out if their school, college, local arts project or youth club already runs the award. If not, check the Arts Award centre map to find organisations offering the award nearby. Young people need to work with a trained Arts Award adviser who acts as a mentor, helping with planning the project and developing skills to achieve the Arts Award qualification.

You can find out more here about how Arts Award delivery and moderation is currently affected by the coronavirus pandemic; some centres are now offering online Arts Award delivery.

Please do get in touch via if you have any questions about using Being Creative with Sound and Music Technology in your setting or would like to share your experiences of using the resource.

Download our Arts Award log book Being Creative with Sound and Music Technology here