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One of the most rewarding parts of participating in a network like YSWN comes from identifying the skills that you want to share and running a workshop.

Too often we take our knowledge and skills for granted, when actually we all have skills, knowledge and abilities that others are looking to develop. For example, you might understand electronics and soldering or modular synthesis, but need to develop your knowledge of how to use a digital audio workstation like Ableton. You might be a DJ and professional music producer but feel that you would really benefit from a bit more knowledge on book-keeping and how to manage the business side of your practice.

Several brilliant workshops have been developed through the low risk opportunity that YSWN offers. By offering a session to share skills through this network we can lift each other up. By teaching others, you also develop your capacity as mentor.

If you have an idea – no matter how modest or wild – send us a message and we can follow up with a conversation to help you develop the idea, and to connect you with your local group to explore how it can work in practice.

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Paid Associates

If you are an experienced professional, while we welcome voluntary contributions we also encourage you to consider applying to be part of our paid associates pool so that when we are looking to commission workshops in your topic we can find you.

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